Our vehicle, their comfort and security on the travel.

Our vehicle is provided of 36 box and another one for emergencies.

- 2 box 100 cm width x 70 cm depth x 80 cm height.
- 8 box 90 cm width x 70 cm depth x 80 cm height.
- 12 box 77 cm width x 70 cm depth x 65 cm height.
- 14 box 66 cm width x 70 cm depth x 65 cm height.


Air conditioner, to guarantee a comfort temperature both in summer and winter

Static heating, resistant to subzero temperatures even with the vehicle engine turned off

Renovation and air extraction, preventing overload of the air.

Slip floor, easy cleaning and disinfection. General disinfection is performed on each trip.

Boxes tailored to each pet, built with maximum visibility and ventilation, vinyl floor for thermal insulation and easy disinfection.

Natural daylight from the skylights on the roof.

Visual and acoustic control of the pets through security cameras by the keeper who travels with them.

First aid kit, medication sheet in case of the pet is under treatment.

Independent water supply in each box.

Lector de microchip y bandeja de documentación en cada box, para el control de identificación en cualquier momento.




Nº DE REGISTRO TRANSPORTE ANIMALES  LARGA DISTANCIA /Die Zulassungsnummer für den autorisierten Transport für lange Strecken

ATES 17460001060


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